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For our Industry and Environment

Forth and Tay Decommissioning offers an integrated, end-to-end service, purposely designed to create a decommissioning hub in Scotland. Through its leading process, decommissioning mind-set, and flexible customer-focussed service model, Forth and Tay Decommissioning will build a regional industry and more sustainable future for oil and gas.

Uniting Experts and Innovators

In our industry, the experience of long established and trusted experts is invaluable. However, facing the challenges of today, innovators and entrepreneurial new thinking have become critical to ensuring a prosperous tomorrow. Forth and Tay Decommissioning brings together the sector’s most experienced and brightest minds to deliver a value-added service that does exactly that.

The home of UK decommissioning

By establishing a permanent UK base for end-to-end service delivery, Forth and Tay Decommissioning will successfully eliminate the high cost, effort and risk of relocating talent and equipment for traditional projectbased decommissioning. The city of Dundee offers a highly-skilled local workforce, with access to major transport links for easy commuting and streamlined logistics, while the Port of Dundee’s strategic location, ample dockside, and portcentric infrastructure make it the ideal domestic hub for ecommissioning.

A Value-Added Vision

Realising the vision for such significant reductions in costs, time, and environmental impact is made possible through the power of collaboration. As a future-focussed alliance of established leaders and emerging innovators Forth and Tay Decommissioning works as one, with you, to safely deliver our unique value-added service model.